Vans Cars and Trucks is a home grown family owned and operated business. Launching

into the car business soon after David came to Florida from Pennsylvania he had his

first Florida Dealers License in 1974. Years later in 1985 Larry came on board as a

partner and they grew several businesses together with Jane watching the checkbook.

As the business evolved, bootstrapping a business from ONE car to the current

inventories of mostly well over 100 constantly changing vehicles has been a true

learning experience . From a small business that started with 3 ; David, Larry and Jane

working to pay the light bill and have something to take home for a bit of groceries to

now a full and capable staff of 12, totally involved serving our customers

transportation needs. It is because of the quality of both customers and employees

that the business has grown. With that recognition comes the responsibility to

constantly improve to be the best we can be.

Meeting all the challenges over the years Vans Cars and Trucks is proud to

serve its customers with the best value for the dollar. Maintaining relationships with

customers by offering service after the sale with expertise and knowledge is what has

built customer loyalty. Whether it be in house with qualified mechanical help or support

in other areas as our customers needs arise we find the opportunity to serve is the

opportunity to grow. We pride ourselves on being problem solvers and solution finders.

Building customer loyalty one sale at a time has been the tradition at Vans Cars and

Trucks. With that goes a very high rate of customer return both buying newer vehicles

for themselves as well as family and friends.

Serving the community beyond what is expected is also an important part of any great

business and through its affiliation and support Vans Cars and Trucks does its part to be

a strong supporting member of the community. Becoming and being the best one can

be, whether supporting employees or the customer or the community at large has been

the cornerstone of success for Vans Cars and Trucks.

7043 BROAD ST.
Brooksville, FL 34601
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Store Hours: Mon-Sat 9am-6pm Sundays or after hours by appointment